Farmors School

The application process will open on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

At Pulham’s Coaches, we specialise in providing Home to School Transport to many local schools.

Home to School transport requires a separate application from your school application and we advise that you make enquiries for school transport as early as possible; as soon as you know which school your child is likely to attend. Depending on your entitlement this application must be made through your Local Authority or  Pulham’s Coaches. You can apply through us via our Home to School Transport Portal.

Applications can be made at any time during the school year. You will not be able to travel on school buses unless you have applied formally, made the required payments and received a valid bus pass.

2023-2024 Prices

Farmors School

Down Ampney                                    £100.00 Due on confirmation of application
Kempsford                                     1 Instalment                                2 Instalments 
Latton                                             £650 due August                            £400 due August
Lechlade                                                                                                    £300 due February
Marston Meysey                           £750 Total                                       £800 Total
Smyrell Farm

Passes for the 855 service

How should I apply for school transport?

All applications must be made online, by completing the application form below. You can apply for up to four children in one application.

What happens after I have applied online?

You will receive an invoice and link to arrange payment of £100.00 within 48 hours.  If payment is not received within 48 hours of receiving the payment link, this may result in the loss of your space. 

When is the first payment due?

An initial payment of £100.00 is due 48 hours after receiving the invoice. This is non-refundable and secures your application. The first or full payment if you are paying in one instalment, will be due 14 days before travel. However, you can pay before that if you wish. If you are paying in 6 instalments the first collection will be on or around the 1st September.

How do I pay?

Please use the link in your emails which takes you to our School Transport Portal where you can pay online.

Do you offer any discount?

We do not offer any discounts. The cost given in your quote and invoice are fixed prices. We are unable to accommodate applications for only morning or afternoon travel or less frequent journeys.

Do you offer payments over 12 months?

We only offer the payment structures which are emailed to you as part of your application quotation. However, you may begin paying in advance from March if you wish. Please contact us to discuss this option.

What if I have not paid?

If we do not receive payment, we will not issue your bus pass and your child/ren will not be allowed to travel.

My child already travels on your route – should I apply each year?

Yes, it is necessary to reapply every year for school transport. If you do not reapply, we will assume that you no longer require a space. We only send one reminder email when the application process opens.  

Can I apply for more than one child in the same application?

Yes. You can apply for up to four children in one application.

How is my application prioritised?

We allocate school seats on a “first come, first served” basis set by the date and time on which you accept your quotation online using the link provided. We encourage parents to make applications as soon as possible. An initial payment of £100 is required to secure your application. 

Can I specify the route I wish my child to use?

It is not possible to specify the route. Each year, routes are reassessed depending on the number of children travelling from each stop. Routes and times often change as a result of this exercise. We ask that parents simply choose their nearest stop and the child will be allocated accordingly. We will try to accommodate additional requests, but this is not guaranteed.

Where is my bus pass?

We print bus passes at the end of August and providing you have paid by 11th August, we will post your bus pass ready for the first day of term. Late payments will delay the issuing of your bus pass.

What happens if my child no longer requires transport during the school year?

The Terms & Conditions you agree to when applying for school transport state that the parent or guardian is responsible for the full year’s fee even if travel ceases within the academic year.

What if I no longer require the space before school starts and I have already applied?

If you no longer require a space due to a change in circumstances (i.e. GCSE results / moved away) Please notify us by email. We will then remove your application for transport and arrange a refund of any monies paid. However, your initial payment of £100 is non-refundable.

Will the bus timetable change from the current year?

Quite possibly. We review the routes each year depending on the number of children who apply. We reserve the right to change the timetable to accommodate travel requirements. Your child will not necessarily travel on the same bus or route or at the same time as the previous year. We cannot guarentee that your child will travel with their friends. 

How do I find out about the bus timetable?

We will publish the bus timetables on our website at the beginning of each academic year.

I have forgotten to apply – what should I do?

All applications received after 14th July will not be processed or allocated until after 25th August. This means you may not be able to get a space on a school bus and you will not be able to travel until we can confirm this. If possible, we may be able to offer space on an alternative route on a temporary or permanent basis. It is therefore essential that you make plans to take your child to school if we are unable to provide transport. 

Please ensure both parent/guardian and child reads and understands the above Terms & Conditions which includes the pupil Code of Conduct whilst using home to school transport.

You will be required to make a payment of £100.00 per pupil within 48 hours of making an application

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All timetables below are for the academic year 2022-2023. These are subject to change for the academic year 2023 -2024