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There are no spaces available for the academic year  2023-2024.

Please email with your name, boarding location, passenger names and contact number to be added to our waiting list.

At Pulham’s Coaches, we specialise in providing Home to School Transport to many local schools.

Home to School transport requires a separate application from your school application and we advise that you make enquiries for school transport as early as possible; as soon as you know which school your child is likely to attend. You can apply through us via the App ‘Pulhams Coaches’ or here

Applications can be made at any time during the school year. You will not be able to travel on school buses unless you have applied formally, made the required payments and received a valid QR code.

Download the app here

You can also apply here

Apply for School transport via the app or here. 

You will need to create an account on both methods.

Once you have created an account select the school you will be needing transport to.  ‘Purchase ticket’ – then select your required stop and purchase a ticket for £100.00. This is a non-refundable initial payment to secure the seat for your requested pickup location.

Once a deposit ticket has been purchased, access to payment options in ‘ticket schemes’ will be granted. Tickets will be available to pay in 1 instalment or 2 instalments  All payments must be made by Monday 22nd August 2022.  When payment has been made you will receive a QR code to allow travel. You will only be able to see this once the transport commence.

You can share your QR code with your children by adding them to your account and gifting them the ticket, they will also need the app to view the gifted ticket. Alternatively you can print the QR from a screenshot or from the website  

Pricing Information

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How should I apply for school transport?

All applications must be made via the App (Pulhams Coaches) or Pulhams Bushub. Create your account, purchase a ticket a non-refundable ticket to secure each childs space. Shortly after payment has been made, tickets are available for purchase from your boarding location. This provides payment options of 1,2 or 6 instalments. 

When is the first payment due?

All 1st instalment payments are due by 18th August . However, you can pay before that if you wish.

How do I pay?

Log into the app, click ‘my basket’ your ticket will be in your basket then ‘proceed to payment’ and enter payment details

What happens if i choose to pay in two instalments?

When you pay the first instalment of your ticket your ticket will only be valid until February half term. This is when the 2nd instalment must be paid by, when this has been paid you will receive a new QR code for the 2nd part of the term.

Do you offer any discount?

We do not offer any discounts. The cost given on your ticket is a fixed price. 

What happens if my child no longer requires transport during the school year?

The Terms & Conditions you agree to when applying for school transport state that the parent or guardian is responsible for the full years fee even if travel ceases with in the academic year.

Please ensure both parent/guardian and child reads and understands the above Terms & Conditions which includes the pupil Code of Conduct whilst using home to school transport.

All timetables below are for the academic year 2023/24. These are subject to change for the academic year 2024/25.

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